Chinon AOC

I love historical fiction, it’s one of my favorite reading genres. I recently finished “The Nightingale” by Kristin Hannah which is about two sisters’ lives during WWII.  The novel takes place in several different regions of France – from Paris to the Pyranees.


One of the story’s main settings is the fictional village of Carriveau. The village is supposed to be located somewhere in the Loire Valley – which in our nonfiction world is sometimes referred to as “The Garden of France.” (In ‘The Nightingale’ the eldest sister’s farm is, somewhat cheesily, named “Le Jardin.”)

Even though wine isn’t frequently mentioned in the novel, while reading it I couldn’t help but envision vineyards of Cabernet Franc and Chenin Blanc, and villagers downing glasses of Vouvray and Chinon at local cafes. At least, until the Nazi occupation of the area. :-/

Chinon vineyard
Exactly how I envisioned “Le Jardin”

Carriveau does not exist, so I decided to pick a location as close to this fictional village as I could for my next outline.  I chose Chinon – located just southwest of the city of Tours (which plays a major part in one of the sister’s lives).

I often find Chinon to be an easygoing, medium bodied wine with crazy aromatics that remind me of my Grammy. Seriously, it’s like someone spilled a dash of her rosewater perfume into the wine. I get that aroma almost every time, and it makes my heart happy.

Here’s the outline on Chinon.

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