About Me

MeinOkanaganI’m a late bloomer to wine. Just call me Cabernet Sauvignon.* I didn’t truly start appreciating or learning about wine until 2013 . . .

My legal career was in the rearview mirror, and I wasn’t sure where I was going next. I first heard about Northwest Wine Academy from a Washington State winemaker (thank you, Scott). The idea of returning to school to learn about wine sounded intriguing, after all – I had LOVED law school.  The actual practice of law? Not so much. I signed up for a Sensory Evaluation class, not understanding exactly what “sensory evaluation” meant, but hey – it was an entry level class and fit into my schedule.

I wouldn’t say that I was “bitten by the wine bug” during this class – more like firmly smacked upside the head like an Australian Shiraz.  Our instructor, the wonderful Reggie, was a big reason why. Her immense knowledge and enthusiasm for wine was infectious. She made me start thinking about wine beyond what was in my glass. I was hooked.

Since that Sensory Evaluation class, I’ve taken 9 other classes at Northwest Wine Academy, passed the WSET Level 3, and the Introductory Sommelier exam. I’m a French Wine Scholar and have my Rhône Master Level certification through the Wine Scholar Guild. I’ve also recently started their Italian Wine Scholar program.  And in May, I’ll begin pursuing the WSET Diploma at The Neptune School of Wine.

When I’m not studying wine, I’m out exploring new wine stores and tasting rooms. I’m a member of the Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin (yes, this is as hoity-toity as it sounds, but is wickedly fun and delicious).

My goal is to someday teach wine classes and, if I’m lucky, have the same effect on a wine newbie that my first instructor had on me. After living in the Pacific Northwest for 45 years, I recently moved to Southern California with my two Labs and my beer-loving husband of 19 years.

* Cabernet Sauvignon is a notorious late ripening and late blooming grape. My apologies, wine humor is a little more challenging to come up with than lawyer jokes. 🙂