The Vintner Project Article – Vincent Carême: A Champion for Chenin

I recently had the opportunity to write another piece for The Vintner Project – a collaborative effort of wine writers from around the world who focus on the stories of wineries, and the people behind them.

As mentioned in my previous post about Chenin Blanc, winemakers Vincent and Tania Carême are incredibly passionate about this grape – splitting time between their estates in the Loire Valley and South Africa . . . which basically means working year-round!

Vincent Carême: A Champion for Chenin

Please click through the link above to read the article at The Vintner Project and learn more about the Carêmes as well as the many differences between their two chosen growing regions.  Hopefully, some of their enthusiasm for Chenin Blanc will rub off on you . . . I know it did for me!

Tania and Vincent

4 thoughts on “The Vintner Project Article – Vincent Carême: A Champion for Chenin

  1. Thanks for this spotlight on an underappreciated grape! As an amateur wine lover, thanks for including a primer on the grape itself. Though your article will focus on Loire and SAfrica, Glad CA got a mention–chenin blanc does grow here and I like having locally-grown alternatives to chardonnay. Chenin blanc has some shared attributes with riesling (high acidity) but with a lighter touch and more subtle flavor. If you haven’t tried, the Birichino Jurrasic Park Vineyard is worth it!

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    1. Chenin definitely doesn’t get enough love! And I haven’t tried from that vineyard – thanks for the scoop! My favorites from CA tend to come from Clarksburg area . . . but am certainly open to discovering more. 🙂


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