Margaret River

I know very little about Australian wines.  I’ve never visited the country, I don’t drink their wines with much regularity, and this area is often at the bottom of my “what I should study” list.  This is partly because I know that there won’t be many questions about Australia on my exam, but also because it’s a region that just confuses the hell out of me with all its Zones and GIs. Sounds very military. :-/

A few weeks ago, I ended up sitting next to a very (!!) talkative couple from Perth on my flight home from Napa.  After he noticed I was reading about wine (I was studying for my Rhône exam), we started chatting about it and he mentioned where they were from and the area’s rather booming wine industry.

I had dig back into the recesses of my brain to recall much about Western Australia, and all I could come up with was “yeah, Margaret River makes some good Cabs.” I thought to myself – they’ve GOT to be about more than just that. And, no surprise, they are. 🙂

Margaret netting
Without impressive amounts of netting, the majority of Margaret River grapes would be eaten by birds

Margaret River Cabernets and Sauv Blanc/Semillon blends sound right up my alley – but unfortunately I’m struggling to get my hands on any . . . they don’t seem to be readily available in my market. 😦 I’ll continue with my treasure hunt, but until I can add my own tasting notes and thoughts on some of this region’s wines – here’s the outline on Margaret River.

As a final thought, I couldn’t get the name of the couple because their Australian accents were SO thick, but I do remember that their anniversary is October 6th. So happy early anniversary to you two! 🙂 I hope you enjoyed your Alaskan cruise and visit to the Pacific Ocean and PNW. I usually don’t chat with my seatmates on flights, but you left me no option! 😉


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